Electric Vehicle Bay Marking

Promote eco-friendly vehicles with charging bays

  • Charging point installation bays
  • Vibrant colours
  • Cover the whole of the UK
  • Full survey & assessment carried out for each site
  • 30 years of industry experience

Landmark Road Lining

EV Charging Bay Marking

Every day it becomes more important to cater to environmentally friendly options and promote how ‘green’ your company is, and here at Landmark Road Lining we offer markings for electric charging bays to fulfil this need. With over 30 years of industry experience, we always ensure commercial and domestic projects alike are completed on time, whatever the size or budget.

Modernise your car park 

The electric vehicle market has been growing, and we stay at the forefront of advancements in the industry in order to cater to every customer’s needs. EV charging bay markings, available in our local areas of Hitchin, Letchworth, Stevenage and as a UK-wide service, are expected to become more commonplace and sought after in the future, and so car park design should look to incorporate them sooner – rather than later. 

Electric vehicle charging legislation

With electric vehicles becoming steadily more popular and widespread, legislation is soon expected to change to support this growth. Proposed changes to the Building Regulations outline that charge points may become a legal necessity for all new commercial and residential developments. As such, many project managers will be required to facilitate this in their upcoming plans. 

The government is also suggesting that, as of 2025, at least one chargepoint should be installed in existing buildings as well, if that site has over 20 parking spots. These proposals have not been confirmed, but it’s highly likely that infrastructure will have to support the growth of EV in the future.

Car park design & markings 

Our specialist surveyors assess the car park and decide on the best location for the electric vehicle bays, then they install lines and charging points based on the number of parking spaces, and the type of vehicle. 

Another service we offer is a full car park redesign, which means we remove all the current markings and lay the most effective layout of markings which incorporate the new electric charging bay markings. These markings are aesthetically pleasing and can be painted in vibrant colours to clearly show where an electric vehicle can park. We ensure all the projects we carry out adhere to health and safety regulations, and that all of our staff are NVQ-qualified and CSCS card holders to ensure you receive the most reliable service. You can view our EV charging bay marking projects and others on our Case Studies page.

EV Charging Bay Marking in Hitchin, Stevenage, Letchworth and as a UK-wide service 

To invest in some high-quality electric vehicle parking spaces, choose Landmark Road Lining. Our company offers a national service, including our local areas of Hitchin, Letchworth and Stevenage – so get in touch today to learn more.

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