5 Signs a Car Park Needs Re-marking or Redesigning

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5 Signs a Car Park Needs Re-marking or Redesigning

Could your car park perform better? Or is it looking a little faded? It’s important to periodically review your car park and ask what’s working, and what isn’t? Is it still safe and efficient? From these assessments, you can plan to repaint and redesign your customer or staff car park to ensure everyone stays safe – and to enable you to accommodate its changing needs. But what are the key signs that you’re in need of a car park overhaul? Let’s explore. 

Why Re-mark or Redesign a Car Park?

As a responsible person for the car park, it rests on you to ensure it’s operating effectively and that the likelihood of accidents is kept to a minimum. 

  • Re-marking a car park reduces the likelihood of accidents by strengthening the clarity of markings and directions
  • Redesigning a car park helps to improve the capacity and efficiency of a car park for visitors and staff alike 

Luckily, both tasks can be completed by professional line marking companies, such as Landmark Road Lining, who can offer both redesign and re-marking services based on your individual needs. 

Looking for car park redesign or remarking services? With over 30 years experience, Landmark Road Lining are here to help.

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Are you wondering, does my car park need to be re-marked? Or are you thinking it’s perhaps time for a restructure, here are a few signs you need to look out for. 

  • Markings are faded 

It’s a simple fact – clear, legible markings prevent accidents. Because car park markings direct the flow of both motorist and pedestrian traffic, along with giving valuable safety instructions and speed limits, markings keep the car park running efficiently and safely. It’s not good enough to just have car park markings – they also need to be visible. If yours are showing signs of fading and are difficult to make out, it’s time to get them repainted. 

  • Your car park is often congested

Is congestion a problem in your car park? While this could be a sign that business is booming, it could also be an indication of a poorly designed car park – or simply that a design that used to work well can’t keep up with the steady increase in visitors. 

Either way, have a professional look over your car park layout, and they should be able to make suggestions on how to streamline the space. Ideas could include creating dedicated parking spaces for different groups, laying new markings, redesigning the layout, installing barrier access, better utilising redundant space – or even moving the car park entrance to make it quicker to access. Speed bumps and speed limits are another way of effectively managing the traffic flow in a car park and preventing bottlenecks or injury. 

  • The people who need parking spaces aren’t getting them 

It might be wise to divide up your car parking spaces into staff and customers, to ensure that your employees can always find a parking space. You also need to consider delivery drivers – creating a dedicated bay for them will prevent delivery vehicles from holding up car park flow if they have nowhere convenient to stop. And of course, make sure you provide bays for those with disabilities or mobility issues – ensure these are as close to the entrance as possible for ease of access. 

  • You’ve received bad feedback or complaints 

There couldn’t be a more obvious indication that your car park needs work than bad feedback from its users. If you are consistently receiving complaints or suggestions of improvement from visitors and employees alike, it’s time to take that feedback on board and make the necessary adjustments. 

  • Electric cars have nowhere to recharge 

Car parks of the future will need to accommodate the rise of electric vehicles by creating dedicated marked bays and charging points. If you’re planning a redesign soon, why not future-proof your car park by creating a few dedicated EV parking bays to get a head start? 

If you’re searching for full car park redesign services or relining, Landmark Road Lining can help. We’ve transformed car parks across the UK for over 30 years, carrying out full surveys and assessments to create a safe space that works for its users. From loading bays to EV charging markings, we can offer every type of car park marking to high industry standards. Get in touch to discover more. 

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