6 Benefits of Line Markings for Schools

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6 Benefits of Line Markings for Schools

Every child is bursting with imagination and energy – and line markings can be the perfect partner to help them express these traits in a safe environment. Playground markings, road linings and sports court markings are now a must for most educational facilities, especially since they can now be easily tailored to the personality and safety needs of the school and its students. 

So let’s take a look at the benefits of playground markings and line markings for children and schools in general. 

school playground markings

1. Keep kids learning 

Educational markings are a cunning way to teach kids facts and skills without them fully realising it. Word and number games, colourful maps, solar systems, plants and animals – there are plenty of ways to introduce classroom subjects into the playground, while still injecting a strong sense of fun. 

Games like chess, mazes, and even snakes and ladders, can help improve less formal, though still highly useful, skills such as problem solving, memory and concentration. 

2. Boost fitness 

In the modern world, we spend so much time sitting in front of screens, and children are no exception. So it’s never been more crucial to encourage our young people to get moving and keep fit, especially when our healthcare services recommend that children require even more physical activity than adults do – up to an hour every day, in fact. 

To make the most of their time in the playground, laying line markings can encourage games, discovery and ultimately, fitness, depending on which designs you choose. Whether it’s activities like hopscotch for the little ones or sports court markings for teenagers, the key is to make kids want to get outside and play. If done well, markings can actually double up and be used for both break times and in P.E. lessons, giving you more for your money as a facility. 

girl running around playground markings

3. Spark imagination 

Think back to when you were a child. Everything and anything could spark an idea for a game or fantasy world, and so playground markings can fuel a child’s already vivid imagination with colour, pattern, games and intrigue, helping them to truly enjoy their time spent outdoors. 

If you’re not sure what the kids in your care might like, why not ask them? You might be surprised by the creative ideas you get back. 

4. Hone social skills

It’s not just classroom skills that are important for children’s development. Social skills such as compromise, empathy, teamwork, patience and mutual respect are also all essential. And line markings can create the perfect settings where kids can explore and improve these skills in a safe setting with their peers. 

Whether it’s board games, sports markings, mazes or more creative and interactive markings, there’s something for every age group. 

5. Support safety

Car parks and roads on school grounds can pose a risk to young children if not properly marked or fitted with speed humps. These features encourage safer, slower driving, which can go a long way towards safeguarding the children in your care. Make sure you get a professional company to install any safety road markings to ensure they are clear, legible and adhere to road safety laws. 

6. Easy to install 

Playground markings are not only beneficial to youngsters – but they also have advantages for the educational facilities themselves. Easy to install and with no limit to creativity, by choosing a line marking company that can deliver quality and variety, you can benefit from playground and sports court markings that are suited to your school’s ethos, syllabus, age group and even branding. 

Looking for top-quality markings for your educational facility? Here at Landmark Road Lining, we install markings for schools and nurseries across the UK. With bright, engaging colours and a range of fun markings and road safety linings available, we can match your needs easily. Plus, we can even emblazon your school logo, if you wish. To find out more, just get in touch with our experts today. 

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