How to keep roads safe in winter

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How to keep roads safe in winter

Winter is almost upon us, so it’s now time to take action and keep roads safe in the colder months. Whether you’re a private road owner or a manager of a big public motorway, there are a few easy things you can do to maintain the safe driving conditions of roads even in the grip of winter.

We’ll also take a glance at how you can adapt your driving style as a motorist to stay safe on snowy or icy roads. 

So let’s buckle in. 

Winter Road Safety Tips

1. Gritting is key 

This may seem like an obvious point, but its importance cannot be stressed enough. Make sure your supply of grit is reliable and plenty to avoid shortages or delays when unexpected bad weather hits – your road users really do depend on it. 

2. Anti-skid surfacing is your friend 

Good grip will be the star of the show when it comes to snowy or icy surfaces, so make sure yours is where it should be and in decent condition. Laying anti-skid surfacing on key areas can really assist road users with maintaining control over a vehicle by providing greater friction. Anti-skid surfacing is traditionally laid over bus lanes, cycle paths, footpaths and car parks. Simply consult with our specialists for more information on the best applications for anti-skid surfacing or if you need some maintenance. 

3. Maintain the road’s condition 

A poorly maintained surface can pose a real threat to road users by not offering the grip, instruction or driving comfort that is required to stay safe. This all becomes more important during the winter months, especially when you consider that colder weather can exacerbate the poor condition of roads even further – for example, the freezing and thawing cycle can widen potholes and cracks, worsening existing damage. This creates a surface that is dangerous and uncomfortable to use in whatever weather, so ensure that any cracks, potholes or other damage is taken care of and resurfaced before bad weather sets in – Landmark Road Lining can help you with that. 

4. Keep those road lines clear and legible 

Motorists depend on road markings and signage to direct them where to go, which controls the flow of traffic and keeps drivers and pedestrians alike safe and free from injury or collisions. However, over time, these road lines and markings can fade, making them unclear or illegible to road users, who need to be able to glance quickly and efficiently at markings to understand their meaning. In winter weather, these markings can become obscured even more by snow, ice or mist, making it more important than ever to make them as bright and as clear as possible. 

Tips for staying safe when driving in winter

As a motorist, you not only want decent roads to drive on – it’s also vital to know how to drive safely in winter. So let’s explore some driving tips for winter that all car-owners should know. 

  • Increase your distance from other cars
  • Check your tyres are in good condition, and consider switching to special winter tyres in harsher weather 
  • Drive slowly and steadily, especially if you suspect black ice is nearby 
  • Following on from the above point, driving more slowly will mean allowing more time to get from A to B
  • Open windows slightly or turn on your cars recirculation system – this will stop you from becoming sleepy and will also reduce the build-up of condensation, which can reduce visibility
  • Only use your fog lights when absolutely necessary. Also, turn them down when not needed or when passing other cars as they can dazzle other motorists 
  • Be prepared for breakdowns, which can be more stressful and difficult to deal with in icy or snowy conditions. Make sure you have warm clothes, snacks and a torch in your car at all times to ensure you stay comfortable should a breakdown occur, and have a number ready to call in the event of an emergency
  • Should you skid on black ice, stay calm and steer very gently into the direction of the skid – this should help you to regain control 

These tips are just a few of many suggestions, so make sure you carefully research if you’re not certain on any points. 

Looking for ways to get your roads winter-ready? Here at Landmark Road Lining, we are national experts who provide full marking services, resurfacing, relining and application of anti-skid surfacing. Get in touch to find out how we can help you boost the safety of your road surfaces in winter.

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