How to Prepare Your Car Park for Electric Vehicles

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How to Prepare Your Car Park for Electric Vehicles

As a significant step towards a sustainable future, everyone in the UK has no doubt heard of the government’s plan to ban the sale of all new petrol or diesel cars by 2030. However, this is going to be a slow, phased process over the next decade to allow everyone time to prepare for this shift. Are you a business owner wondering how to prepare your car parks and sites for the arrival of electric vehicles? In this article, we’ll take you through what you need to know.

Why Should You Prepare for Electric Vehicles at Your Business?

The future is green, and so everyone must adapt for the changes needed for this future to be realised. As a business, you will need to prepare your sites and car parks for the arrival of electric vehicles – and have the infrastructure in place to support both them and the petrol/diesel engines still on the road. 

It’s inevitable that the 2030 ban will see more new car buyers opting to purchase green or electric cars sooner rather than later, and is a trend likely to continue to rise over the coming years. It’s therefore wise to begin making changes to your roads, sites and car parks now to be able to support both types of car. Not only does this action future-proof your site but it also helps to boost your green credentials as a business. 

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How to Prepare Your Site for Electric Cars?

So, how can you make your car park or business site more electric car friendly? 

  • Electric charging bays: The primary logical step is to set up a few, or a full row, of electric car charging bays. As well as installing the relevant charging technology, it’s also vital to ensure your car park signage reflects your new green additions to help point drivers towards the new bays, manage electric car traffic flow, advertise your business as having charging stations, or lining and painting the actual bays themselves. Car park charging bays will need to be clearly marked on the surface with the electric car charging symbol. These bays are often painted in vibrant colours to highlight their presence – but they don’t have to be, it just depends on your preference. 
  • Full car park redesign: If your car park is outdated, the imminent arrival of electric vehicles is your chance to give it a modern makeover. Full car park redesign can involve removal of out-of-date or faded markings, replacing them with fresh and relevant ones. This redesign may also involve a brand new layout or traffic flow system to ensure that both electric car users and petrol/diesel users feel supported, safe and welcome in your car park. 
  • Getting staff trained up: Electric vehicle owners should know how to operate charging stations, but it still might be wise to have a few staff members trained up in their use, too, so they can help answer any questions if needed. 

Searching for up-to-date car park markings? Here at Landmark Road Lining, we lay industry-standard markings for electric charging bays, including full car park redesigns if needed, helping you prepare your car park for the future. With over 30 years’ experience, we also provide an array of road, car park and safety markings for surfaces across the UK. To discover how we can help, simply get in touch today.


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