Installing Speed Humps in Your Private Car Park

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Installing Speed Humps in Your Private Car Park

Strengthen the safety of your car park with professionally-installed speed bumps. If you own or manage a private car park, it’s your duty to ensure that everyone  can navigate the space safely, efficiently and with minimal danger to pedestrians. Part of this may be installing speed bumps to keep the flow of traffic in your car park at a speed that promotes safety and reduces the likelihood of accidents. In this article, we will explore the benefits of speed bumps and humps for a private car park and what you need to know before installing them. 

What Are the Benefits of Speed Bumps for a Car Park? 

Your most pressing question may be, will speed bumps make a car park safer? The simple answer is yes. Speed bumps are a tried and tested traffic-calming method which work by slowing down traffic in busy or pedestrian-heavy areas, such as car parks.  

This has a number of benefits, including: 

  • Enforces a safe speed limit of around 5mph 
  • Encourages careful driving behaviour 
  • Reduces the likelihood of accidents
  • Promotes safety of pedestrians and motorists 
  • Avoids lawsuits and legal issues 

As a private car park owner, the main advantage of speed bumps is helping you to control the flow of traffic around the space to keep everybody safe. So let’s examine what you need to consider. 

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How to Incorporate Speed Bumps into a Car Park

  • Signs: Motorists need to be made aware that speed bumps are present in your car park, or they may be driven over at unsafe speeds. Signs should alert motorists to the presence of speed bumps and also communicate the speed limit of the car park. Signage should be positioned to ensure maximum visibility and to allow drivers enough time to respond to the instructions. 
  • Pair them with other safety measures: Speed bumps are just one way to improve the safety of a car park, but there are other measures, too, such as clear, visible road markings and a well-designed layout. If your car park is lacking in these areas, it might be wise to revise all areas of car park safety to complement the new speed humps. 
  • Adhere to regulations: There are certain regulations for speed humps and speed bumps in regards to dimensions and location, laid out in The Highways (Road Humps) Regulations 1999. Consult this document before installation to ensure the proposed speed bumps are allowed, and also that they adhere to the law. You may also wish to get in touch with your local council if you’re still unsure. 
  • Use a professional company: The best way to ensure high-quality, legally-compliant speed humps is to use a professional company to install them. This way, you can rest assured in their safety, durability and usability. 

Searching for a professional company to lay speed bumps or humps at your car park? Here at Landmark Road Lining, we install both surface-mounted and tarmac speed humps to suit all specifications – along with an array of car park markings & signage installation. With over 30 years’ experience and as a fully accredited company, you can trust our experts to increase the safety of your car park – simply get in touch to find out more. 

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