Road Marking FAQs: Everything you need to know 

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Road Marking FAQs: Everything you need to know 

Whether you’re responsible for marking major roads or you’re installing lines for a private road, there are common questions that crop up. 

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about road markings so that you can ensure you achieve the best results. 

What products are used for road marking? 

There are various types of road marking paints available to choose from depending on the surface, each with their own benefits and qualities. 

Thermoplastic is used commonly on highways and roads, thanks to being reflective, durable and very quick-drying, making it a great all-round option for quality and convenience. 

Another option is MMA which is high quality – which can be made anti-slip – is also extremely hard-wearing whilst holding its colour for a notably long period of time. It’s applied cold, meaning it dries quickly for speed and convenience.

Finally, there are a variety of water-based paint options available too, which are anti-slip and available in a range of colours. These are particularly suited to concrete or blocked paviours. However, they may take longer to cure in bad weather than other types of paint.

How are road markings painted?

There are a couple of different methods to apply road markings depending on the surface type. The most common method using hot applied thermoplastic is installation using road marking machines or hand moulds.  Cold applied paints are most commonly installed using a hydraulic spray machine, while MMA can be applied by either spray machine or hand lay method depending on the project.   

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When is the best time of year for new road markings?

Road markings need to be laid on a dry surface to effectively bond. Although this makes spring and summer the most attractive seasons to install markings, here at Landmark Road Lining, our vehicles are equipped with specialist drying equipment meaning we can continue road marking all year round!

How long do road markings last for?

This depends entirely on the type of product used and the conditions/traffic that the road markings will experience. For example, road markings laid on a busy motorway will not last as long as those laid on a quiet private road. 

How long do road markings take to dry?

This answer depends entirely on the type of road marking paint you have selected. Thermoplastic road markings are known for their quick-drying ability, and MMA also dries fairly rapidly. If you are using other types of paint, it’s important to consult with a road marking expert for a more accurate prediction of drying time. 

Does the road surface need to be prepared beforehand?

Road surfaces will need to be prepared before the road markings can be laid. Any dust, dirt or debris will need to be swept away from the area to give a clean, even surface to apply the product to. You will also need to keep the area clean and unobstructed throughout the application process until works are complete. 

Can road markings be removed?

Yes, road markings can be removed. Sometimes this procedure will be necessary if a road or car park is being redesigned, or if old markings are becoming too thick with continued re-marking. There are various techniques used for removing road markings, including mechanical scabbling, thermal lancing, shot-blasting and hydro-blasting. Your chosen road marking professional will be able to give more personalised advice as to which removal technique will be best for your road. 

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