The Importance of Correct Car Park Markings

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The Importance of Correct Car Park Markings

There’s no getting around it. Every motorist, cyclist and pedestrian relies heavily on road markings to stay safe. But what about in the case of car parks?

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In this article, we will explore why suitable car park markings are so important, and what your responsibilities are as an owner or manager of a car park. 

Why are car park markings important? 

Car park parkings have several extremely important benefits for road users and pedestrians, including: 

  • Assist with traffic flow and speed: To prevent injury, loss of life and damage to property, car parks are areas where traffic should be slow, controlled and well-directed. As such, motorists will rely heavily on markings and signage for direction to ensure safe traffic flow and speed around the car park. 
  • Reduce accidents: A direct benefit of a well-controlled traffic flow, slower speeds and clear instructions with regards to movement and direct, is to help prevent accidents and vehicular damage.
  • Keep pedestrians safe: It’s not only vehicles that need to be taken care of. Pedestrians are common in car parks and so markings help to keep them safe too. 
  • Allocation and organisation: Without a car park, your premises would likely be a chaotic and unsafe mass of vehicles all clamouring for a spot. Markings allow you to easily separate the area out into parking bays and also to allocate certain special spaces for those who require them, such as Blue Badge Holders or those requiring access to EV charging points
  • Looks professional: An expertly marked car park makes an excellent and, more importantly, professional first impression to staff, visitors and the public. It shows that you care about those attending your site and their safety, and tells the wider world a lot about you as a company. 

Now we understand the advantages of car park markings, let’s explore what your responsibilities are as the owner or manager of a car park. 

What are your responsibilities? 

Owners or managers of car parks have a responsibility to ensure the car park is safe for users. According to the HSE, parking areas should be safe and suitable for use – and if an accident occurs as a result of your negligence, you may face legal action. Amongst other things, this means ensuring the surface is of a safe quality, with all relevant car park markings clear and legible, and all signage appropriately placed. Make sure you thoroughly research your full responsibilities before establishing a private car park. 

One of the ways to ensure your responsibilities are met is to employ the services of a professional road marking company who can guarantee safe and high-quality markings. 

Seeking professional car park markings for your site? Here at Landmark Road Lining, we provide a nationwide marking service that adheres to industry standards of quality and safety. Our experts will carry out full site assessments to ensure you get the right products and services to suit your car park. Simply get in touch to find out more. 

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